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    Lowe Mill Living

    If you enjoy free swing dance lessons, vintage clothing and record stores, and indie concerts, Lowe Mill is somewhere you could call home.

    Lowe Mill Historic District showcases homes that were originally owned by working class mill workers from the early 20th century. Today many of the homes still stand with their unique charm with vintage vibes that inspire hundreds to flock to the area.

    Lowe Mill is home to venues like Merrimac Hall, as well as Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment. The art center is a buzz with people from all over the nation showcasing their unique, eclectic and often indie styles.

    Right around the corner from the art centers is the old Stone Middle School property, which is being renovated to include side-by-side breweries located on a 40,000- square foot building site and will be complete with beer garden and tasting room.

    These homes are perfect for someone who enjoys mixing modern arts and styles with the vintage layout of an older home.

    Lowe Mill Highlights

    • Huntsville Population: 186,254
    • Booming Arts & Music Community
    • Affordable Real Estate
    • Historical Area
    • Area Zip Codes: 35805

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