Inside Sales Agent Position

    Pretty woman in officeWe are in need of an Inside Sales Agent who can interact with potential customers on Boomtown. To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to Sharon at Job description as follows. This position needs to be filled by the January 1, 2016.

    Seller ISA (Inside Sales Agent)

    The Company hereby engages the Employee to work under the direction of the Broker, Operations Manager, and the Company founders to provide such services as further described below:


    Position Summary:

    Cultivate leads and set appointments, build listing files and packets, data entry in client relationship manager, prospecting Expired and FSBO, Expired and FSBO mail outs, database management, and all seller lead follow-up.

    Key Metrics Description
    1. Qualified Appointments set/met, New Prospecting, New Company Leads, Pipeline (follow up ) Ratio of qualified appointment set vs met, FSBO, leads set vs met,  expired leads set vs met, and follow up leads met vs set ratio, New prospecting, new Company leads in pipeline vs set ratio,  and total pipeline leads vs set ratio .
    2. Dashboard metrics Ability to interpret information to plan daily activities.
    3. New Additions to Pipeline Hot Stage Add new leads, and set up client management in client relationship manager database.
    4. Won vs  lost percentage in Hot Stage Won vs  Lost percentage from pipeline Hot Stage
    5. File management and preparation Prepare files for listing appointments. Manage file documents.
    6. Exceptional time management skills Use of calendar to block time to focus on daily tasks including: calls, lead management, document completion, folder preparation, and coordination of pre-listing appointments.

    Position Details
    Key Accountabilities Indicators of Effectiveness
    ·       Lead Capture, Contact, Set ratios Maintain lead capture to lead contact to appointment set ratios.
    ·       Meeting Monthly quotas Quota Met
    ·       Re-connect with seller leads Addition of leads to Hot Stage pipeline
    ·       Cultivate leads, set quality appointments Track leads and timelines
    ·       Enter leads and update leads in client relationship manager with accurate and complete data. Use of databases to find lead information and to verify data is accurate.
    ·       Prospect calling to expired and FSBO seller leads, and sending mailers Lead to set ratio
    ·       Call and follow up on all internet leads Lead to set ratio
    ·       Data Entry Completion of Instanet forms
    ·       Attention to detail and process Use of office checklist as a tool to define folder progress and completion status. Keen understanding of the listing process.
    ·       Communication with team members Clearly communicate completed and open tasks to team members. Coordinate activates with team members to ensure completion of required tasks. Attend weekly Listing Team Meetings. Offer suggestions for improvement

    Necessary Skills and Attributes
    Skills and Attributes
    Positive, enthusiastic, motivated, and solution oriented
    Continuous seeker of knowledge and wired to improve systems and efficiency
    Highest level of integrity and respect for others
    Understands the value of communication for the good of the company as well as department
    Ability to utilize computer systems to effectively communicate with clients and stay organized
    Must be wired to track every detail and seek improvement, never sees things as “finished”.
    Complete alignment with companies core values with a “never give up” attitude.
    Ability to connect with clients, listen, and effectively communicate with them.
    Ability to maintain self confidence and be self motivating
    Ability to be persuasive and guide clients to their own conclusions

    Key Relationships:

    Intero Real Estate: Agents and staff

    BoomTown: Point of contact and staff

    NAEA:  NAEA staff and clients

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